Panta Rei’s pedagogical approach aims to open up a continuous dialogue between all subjects involved in educational services, drawing inspiration from teamwork, co-responsibility, sharing and essentially from relationships, exchanges and participation. These are the values and experiences which the cooperative has always encouraged and welcomed at the countless meetings and opportunities for discussion and growth which have been created and developed over time.

In addition to directly running educational services for 0-6 year-olds, Panta Rei helps with training for larger projects by providing teaching, consultancy, tutoring, feasibility projects on opening new nurseries and schools, pedagogical projects and launching new educational services.

Its areas of expertise include: workshops, teacher exchanges and in-depth training on planning and teaching based on the experiences of Reggio Emilia and Milan, incubation of new educational businesses, starting up new educational services particularly ones managed privately or by businesses, staff recruitment and training for different professional profiles (educators and teachers, workshop workers, kitchen and auxiliary staff), and pedagogical consultancy on planning and interpreting educational spaces.

Starting from Reggio Emilia, the cooperative has worked continuously with educational experiences from Emilia Romagna, the Veneto, Lombardy and Campania, as well as overseas with institutions in Canada, South America and Japan, while welcoming study groups every month or two from around the world visiting educational services in Reggio Emilia.

Its power to innovate and experiment has been a hallmark of its past experience and has helped spread educational and cultural qualities on very early childhood, not just in Reggio Emilia but also around the country in a close, ongoing dialogue with Reggio Children itself and with its various partner companies.