FOQUS_ Spanish Quarter Foundation Naples

The Foqus-Spanish Quarter Foundation is an urban regeneration project for the Spanish Quarters in Naples promoted and run by businesses and private individuals.

The project promotes new businesses, new jobs (in highly qualified sectors with new professional skills), as well as the establishment of businesses and institutions for training, education and services for people and the city, transforming and updating the functions and purpose of the 6,000 m2 former Montecalvario Institute.

The Panta Rei cooperative has supported the project of the new Le Pleiadi Cooperative since 2012, which runs the new pre-school launched at the former Montecalvario Institute.

The teaching is run in collaboration with the Dalla Parte Dei Bambini social enterprise, which promoted the launch and organisation of the project, a task that was then picked up by the FOQUS-Spanish Quarter Foundation.

Panta Rei still trains the staff at schools run by the Dalla Parte dei Bambini enterprise: the DPDB Pontano pre-school and private primary school, the Banco Intesa Nursery and the new DPDB Vomero pre-school which opened in September 2015.