Auguri Panta Rei 2020

i nostri più sentiti auguri di buone feste con la speranza che il vostro 2021 sia ricco di

meraviglia, progetti, idee, legami, follia, orizzonti nuovi,

per un futuro spaziale.


Panta Rei Società Cooperativa Sociale


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Closure of childcare services until April 3, 2020

To all families with boys and girls enrolled in the educational services of the Panta Rei Social Cooperative

Good morning we hereby inform you that, as required by the new Ministerial Decree of 8 March 2020, all childcare services will be closed until April 3, 2020. Attached the DPCM. In the hope that this situation can be better resolved On behalf of myself and all the staff working in the services of the Panta Rei Cooperative

Best wishes and a big hug to all the children and to you parents

DPCM 8 marzo 2020

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educational services closed from 1st March to 8th March 2020

To all families with boys and girls enrolled in the educational services managed by the Panta Rei cooperative in Emilia Romagna e Lombardy

in relation to the new Decree of the Council of Ministers which will be issued in the coming days and which we will forward to you as soon as it is made public,

the PANTA REI Cooperative, in compliance with this new document, will comply with the provisions issued in the decree.

Therefore we are to inform you that the services will be closed from Monday 2nd March until Sunday 8th March included.

We are also to inform you that new measures have been launched with respect to the rules on returning to school after a child's illness where it will be necessary to present the pediatrician's certificate for returning to the community. We therefore ask you, in case your child has been ill in these days or was before school closes, to verify the actual need for the certificate. (See attached highlighted part)

We ask all families to stay updated on new provisions that may be taken during the next week and which we will try to inform you of promptly with new communications.
Sure of the absolute collaboration and attention,
thanking you in advance
Panta Rei
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educational services close from Monday 24 February to 1 March

To all families with boys and girls registered in the educational services of Reggio Emilia, Modena and Milan managed by the Panta Rei cooperative and to all educational and auxiliary staff

Good evening everyone,

we hereby inform you that, in relation to the Order of President Bonaccini, President Fontana and Minister Speranza, the PANTA REI Cooperative, which manages the

nest school Choreia,

nursery school Faber,

nursery school Otello Sarzi

Giulia Maramotti nest,

of Reggio Emilia;

the Stella nest, in Modena;

the nursery school Eni 06, in San Donato Milanese MI

the L. Da Vinci nursery school, in Cusago MI

in compliance with regional and municipal ordinances,

will close the services from Monday 24 February to 1 March inclusive.

We ask all families to follow the provisions that will be given by the municipalities they belong to and to comply with the latter.

Sure of the absolute collaboration and attention,


Panta Rei Cooperative

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Il miracolo è come il guscio della lumaca

In occasione delle celebrazioni del quarto centenario della Ghiara

Dal 18 maggio al 16 giugno 2019

presso la Sala Conferenze del Chiostro dei Servi della Basilica della Ghiara a Reggio Emilia

Il punto di vista dei bambini e delle bambine sulla Basilica della Ghiara

Ieri la conferenza stampa e la presentazione della mostra alla città.     LocandinaGhiara_2019_4-2

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NICE TO MEET YOU- children and parents space

Nice to meet you means for this reason we are waiting for you

wednesday 12 december 2018 at 4.30 pm at Choreia School

in via Gramsci 5 / D Reggio Emilia where we will present you the aims and the organizations of the project


wants to be a chance and an opportunity for children and parents in order to meet together in an educational context such as an infant toddler centre and preschools. An exchange place, educational training and participation where it is possible living and sharing using proposals with different languages with two teachers of the project.


families and children aged 3 to 5 who do not attend educational services

locandina nice to meet you 2018_19

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